A new season is upon us!

Ah Spring! A time of rebirth and fresh beginnings. Not only for the animal kingdom, but for the career of an actor.

How has spring affected me? Well, there’s the new website, new headshots forthcoming, Facebook marketing, classes scheduled, and joined LYFT for some extra $$ to pay for all of this haha! (more on LYFT in a later post) So basically, I’m doing what I can as an actor without representation (well, effective representation (more on THAT in a later post also)). While doing so, it’s been slim pickings for a while now…almost a year since any response from NY, and Philly has been slow for me lately. I know there are those in FAR WORSE of a state in their career than I am, but I was starting to second-guess things. Was my effort worth it if nobody responds?

Then last week, I get cast in a new Rodney Cherry production, an audition invite from NYC, and 4 other requests for self-tapes from NYC and Philly! Wait, what just happened here?! LOL I don’t know how I did on any of them. I don’t think I booked from the audition, but am still waiting on the self-tapes…so keeping fingers crossed!

Why am I sharing? Definitely not to brag, I’ll brag when I get a recurring role on a network/cable/netflix production, not from a busy audition week. 😉 I guess I’m just sharing to say “Don’t give up!”. That first/next commercial…that first/next movie role…heck, even that first role in your buddy’s 5-minute film shot on BETA…it could be right around the corner. However, you won’t see it if you turn around and quit before you get to that corner. Keep pressing on.

Sure, the odds are against you…and that big break more than likely isn’t around the next corner…

Then again…

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