About Joe


Unlike many actors today, I haven’t been involved in acting since I was a child.  Heck, I didn’t book my first part until I was in my 40’s.  Sure, there was interest when I was younger, but in the pre-internet days I didn’t know how to find an opportunity.

Growing up in Bensalem, PA…I would have liked to act in high school, but all of the productions were musicals.  Nothing against musical theater, I have a ton of respect for those that can act and sing, but that is not a medium you want to hear me involved in!  I wish I had known there was a community theater a few miles away.

So, on I go to East Stroudsburg University.  Hey, they do actual plays!  Awesome!  Unfortunately, odds of getting a part are slim-to-none as the parts go to the theater majors first.  I can’t really argue with that, it is their major after all.  I did manage to get a few classes in though, lots of fun!

Graduation…and then being an adult began.   I got caught up in that and totally forgot about acting.  Its not an “excuse”, but its also not like I walked away from acting…I took a turn on a different path before I really got involved.  Then came the internet, and then came Facebook.  In the Fall of 2012, a friend had posted a few pictures of a cast party he was at for a show that had just wrapped.  All of a sudden, I remembered my interest in acting again!  A quick Google search for local theaters found me The Village Players of Hatboro, a month or so later I was cast in my first theater production!

In the years since, I’ve done more theater, some short and feature-length films, industrials, a music video, and even a pro wrestling event!  I’ve studied and continue to study under some amazing talents and am constantly looking to add new skills to my resume.  I’ve come a long way since that first role at The Village Players.

I don’t know if I’ll ever give a speech holding an award in my hand, but I’m going to have as much fun trying to get there as I can!