Website is up!

Well, the day is finally here!  Finally getting out on the web!  I have to say, I may work with computers for a living, but working with websites is a whole different thing.  Yeah, I know there are coders out there that will mock me for even saying something like WordPress can be confusing…but it can be!  LOL

Anyway, I’m looking to continually tweak things as time progresses…add pics, update resume, so on and so forth.  Will see how things go with this but I’m hoping to give a new updated post weekly.

 This week being the lead up to the Oscars, next Monday seems like a good day to recap those festivities.

As for me personally, tonight I am going to the monthly function of the Philadelphia Film and Theater Artists Exchange.  Hoping to meet some new people, reconnect with some old friends, and maybe get a jump on booking some work in the spring and summer.



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